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The TOWNE Family came to Braceby from Heydour, a few miles to the north, at the beginning of the seventeenth century.  They were Lords of the Manor and major landowners.  Their home, Manor Farm, opposite the church, still exists.  They remained in Braceby for about 100 years.

Richard Towne was the first Towne to be Lord of the Manor.  He and his wife Ann had 8 children.
Richard died in 1628 and left his main wealth to his grandson, Leonard, as Leonard's father was already dead.

When Leonard Towne (gentleman) died in 1677 an inventory of all his possessions was made, in the house and on the farm, including all the farm animals.  It totalled £344, a very great deal of money in those days.
Over the years many people have come to Braceby or contacted this website regarding their family history, particularly Americans.  This is because people believe that the William Towne who married Joanna Blessing in 1620 in Yarmouth, England and then travelled to the States was William Towne, son of Richard Towne of Braceby.  In fact they have seen this on the internet.  However, he was not.  William Towne, son of Richard married Catherine, and moved to Kelby (a nearby village in the parish of Heydour/Haydor) where he had children who are listed in the parish registers of Heydour.

The datestone on Manor Farm LT1653

Manor Farm Braceby
Datestone '1653 LT' possible rebuilding.
LT = Leonard Towne


The RAWLINSON/ROLLINSON family lived at College Farm during the 1500s and 1600s.  The Will and Inventory of Thomas Rawlinson both dated 1575, and of Thomas Rawlinson, yeoman, dated 1610 exist.  They were tenants of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
One of the daughters of Thomas Rawlinson, Dorothy, born in Braceby and baptised in November 1598 married and sailed to America.  There she died in Boston Mass. in tragic circumstances.

College Farm